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Me Tarzan, you "scared to death". But come anyway because it's just too much. On the programme: treetop adventure course, zipline, all terrain scooter, digital treasure hunt, peashooter paintball. Cheetah loves it already.
Everything is already booked. And now we're here, no quitting. We're not chicken. Not even Camille, 5 years old, intrepid as they come and a big smile on her face. A bit condescending almost.
But then there's no virtue in not being scared at that age - kids are not aware of the danger. We are - a bit. Oh, come let's go for it. If Tarzan could do it, so can we. True, he was a bit more - how shall I put it? - athletic than us. But that's just a detail. It's all in the mind.
Look, as a tribute to him, maybe we can borrow his cry. It's not that I'm scared, it's just a way of communicating when you're hanging from a zipline.
Don't make fun of me, Camille didn't. All she said was "you're making a funny face". I think I've come out of it with full honours. In fact, worse than that, I think I'm beginning to enjoy it!
Come on, let's go and try the scooters, we need to make sure we've got time to do everything.

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